Class trips, Farm Tours & Workshops

Give your students exposure to the future of urban farming, hydroponic technology and career paths in this new and emerging industry. We offer unique and cutting edge S.T.E.A.M. and S.T.E.M. educational programs like data collection and plant science, as well as inform your student of the social, health and environmental impacts our food system has in urban areas, like food justice and our carbon footprint.

Cost per student: $25


We work with your organizer, class size and grade level to customize a tour and workshop that is a perfect fit for your students or group.

Some of our classes and workshops have included a Food Justice Utopia workshop where students discuss and learn what Food Justice is and what it means to them.

Different age groups participate in age appropriate hands on projects to draw, write-out, or do short presentations on their vision of a Food Justice Utopia where they live.

We hold workshops that are themed in empowering a local food system for our health and the health of the planet. Students love it when they harvest their own salads as part of their experience. All of our workshops and field trips include a Farm Tour with details about the hydroponic technology, how it works and the benefits. Student often gets to taste or take home freshly harvest greens! Connect with us to schedule or plan your class trip today!

Currently student groups are limited to 10 students per group.