Meet Mary

Mary is a lover of people and of life. A woman that is passionate about making a difference in the area of health and nutrition for all people. Very driven, Mary has created a successful practice as a neuromuscular therapist helping people heal and relieve chronic pain since 2000. She is the owner of a Massage, Yoga and Manual Lymphatic Drainage center called Montclair Therapeutic Massage Center. Mary has authored “The Diabetes Massage Method” and is currently writing a 2nd book on her personal journey with food and weight loss. Inspired by her mother, who worked as a director of a homeless shelter, Mary is devoted to the service of others in all forms.

Never having a weight problem before, Mary really struggled with it in her late 20’s into her 30’s. It wasn’t until her doctor finally told her she was obese that she woke up and was able to really “see” herself.  Being very driven, this launched her journey back to health. She lost 90 lbs over the course of 2 years, which took a full lifestyle change. It included hiking daily with her dog and organic, clean, unprocessed eating. Even with her results, she kept looking for new ways to up the game for herself in addressing healthy living. When she met Electra Jarvis, co-founder of Green Food Solutions, she was introduced to vertical farming.  She knew in every bone in her body that vertical farming was the missing link in securing healthy, transparent, high quality, nutritious food for herself and others. She immediately bought a vertical Tower Garden and started growing her own food. 

Mary believes that while we are able to find and buy organic clean food in grocery stores which can support our journey back to health, she realized three problems with our current food system that greatly impact our health and need to be solved.

  • Most of our produce is flown in from different countries, so even if it is organically grown, non-GMO and pesticide free, once it enters the USA it needs to be sprayed due to agricultural laws regarding bringing produce in from other countries. In addition, because of the transportation distances and the time it takes, our food loses its nutritional value. Even when people are eating vegetables they aren’t getting their full worth and value.

  • Due to greenhouse gases associated with the transportation of food as well as pesticide and other chemical run-off into our natural water sources, our current agricultural system is destroying our planet.

  • Even though clean organic, non-gmo, pesticide-free food is available in most large grocery stores, it often times is not available in lower-income areas and even when it is, it’s not affordable for all individuals and families.


Meet Electra

Electra is a stand for a sustainable food system and believes that our personal health is interconnected to our planet’s health. After learning about the environmental and public health impacts of animal agriculture and the industrial food system, she discovered her passion to heal the planet by healing ourselves. With the belief that food is our medicine, she is a stand for transforming the way we grow, distribute and think about our food in order to contribute to a healthy and sustainable planet.

Starting with her Masters degree in Sustainable Environmental Systems from the Pratt Institute, City and Regional Planning Program, she has spent the last 5 years researching and developing her skills in hydroponic systems and farming. After working for several Ag Tech startups and non-profit organizations in NYC she found an important need to implement a new urban food system that uses vertical farms and considers food justice at its foundation. She participated in the pilot program of the Square Roots urban farming business accelerator started by Kimbal Musk, where she co-founded Green Food Solutions, mastered shipping container farming and implemented the Green Food Solutions Farm Service with Mary.

As Farming Director, Electra oversees the operations of the company, assist clients in the purchase of Tower Farms and Farming Service, co-host farm tours/workshops, provides training and education about Tower and container farming, and manages our farm services.