About Green Food Solutions

Empower a new local food system, for our health and the health of the planet.
— Mission Statement


A local food system providing freshly harvested food for everyone. Cities flooded with an abundance of local urban farms. Every school, restaurant, residential or commercial building has a farm, empowered by the GFS Farm Service or Farm Training, growing food for urban residents. People have a say in what is being grown and are reconnected with their food creating transparency. They know their local farmer or grow their own. Food security and food justice is present in our cities. 

What We Do

Green Food Solutions is a company that sells, installs, and maintains urban farms and gardens using vertical hydroponic technology. We offer farms and gardens as an Amenity to residential and commercial buildings and provide the service to operate the farms for you. We also provide Training so that you may to operate the farm or garden yourself.

We offer the free Planning and Design of your farm or garden, as well as our farm service to residential buildings, communities, individuals, chefs, restaurants, offices, co-working spaces, hotels, resorts, schools, universities, all to provide the freshest, tastiest, sustainable and local food to local residents.

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We hold Events, workshops, and tours for children and adults. Visit our farm for school Field trips, or participate in one of our workshops.