Lettuce Grow For You

We are committed to transforming the industrial food system, and one of the best ways that we do this is through our farm service. Any residential building, restaurants, business, co-working space, food producer or governmental organization has the potential to have food grown on site for the local residents, tenants, employees, and food products.


Our comprehensive farm service comes with everything you need to grow from seed to harvest, including:

  • Custom crop scheduling

  • Farming: seeding, transplanting, harvesting

  • Maintaining: Food safety standards, cleanliness, and pest/disease management 

  • Supply replenishment 

We are the leaders in the industry for professional and quality Farm Service. Our Farm Service can be implemented in residential buildings, corporate campuses, schools, restaurants, and public spaces. While the aeroponic Tower Farms are our preferred growing system, we do provide our farm service for any type of small scale hydroponic farm.

We are your source for new and progressive ways to create sustainable and visually stimulating edible landscapes using the Tower Farm technology.

Our reach into the Ag-Tech community allows us to source talent that is passionate, professional and ready to grow food in various urban and suburban environments. We equip our team with all the materials and equipment required to maintain your property in exceptional form. We grow using 100% organic growing methods and pest management.

Our farm service and urban farmers are available in New York City and New Jersey, and we provide workforce development training internationally. 


If we are hired for our Farm Amenities: All-Inclusive Farm Service, we offer additional services that include onsite educational events, a modern farm share program we call Farm To Locavore and other ways to engage local residents. Fill out our consultation form to receive free informational material about our services. Lettuce know which ones you are interested in!


Local Food Product Innovators

Start a Farm for your product or have us conduct a growing trial to see if growing your own food for your food product is more productive and efficient choice for your company goals. We have worked with food producers, who sell products in Whole Foods and other healthy markets in order to cut the cost of buying fresh, specialty ingredients. Work with us to explore high quality ingredients and increase your bottom line.