We do everything from providing hydroponic urban farm equipment to running the farm for you.

The Denizen

The Denizen is the first residential building in NYC to have a farm as an amenity. This 900 unit residential building in Bushwick, Brooklyn has has a 79 Tower Farm sold and installed by Green Food Solutions. The Denizen also has a contract with Green Food Solutions for their All Inclusive Farming Service. In addition to its remarkable vertical hydroponic rooftop farm, the building offers a unique variety of amenities like a game room, chef’s kitchen, and completely landscaped green roof. Most notably, on their rooftop farm, Green Food Solutions grows over 50 varieties of vegetables and fruits and delivers directly to building residents. Residents have a say in what is being grown, and can volunteer on the farm in their free time.


Square Roots

Green Food Solutions was the first business to emerge out of the Square Roots Farming Program. They provided their Farming Service, ran their Farm Delivery service, and hosted events on the Square Roots campus. They mastered the art of farming inside of a 320 foot square foot indoor hydroponic farm shipping container and hosted volunteers days.


Sky vegetables

Green Food Solutions grew food for their Farm to Locavore customers from the 10,000 square foot, state of the art, rooftop hydroponic greenhouse: Sky Vegetables. Situated in the heart of The Bronx, Green Food Solutions worked with master growers to fine tune their organic growing techniques and methodology. During their residency at Sky, they conducted their Farm Service for a food processor interested in growing their own ingredients for their Whole Foods certified food product.


La Perla, Puerto Rico

La Perla is an anarchist community located right outside the border of Old San Juan, in Puerto Rico. It is one of the most under served communities in Puerto Rico, however, one of the most resilient and self-sufficient. The community is setting a precedent for food security using Tower Gardens and is an example of how the rest of the island can grow food for their local community, especially in the wake of natural disasters like hurricanes. Through their Because We Give a Farm charity, GFS raised enough money to ship and install 6 Tower Gardens in the community of La Perla. Because the island is still experiencing power outages, they worked with Royal Caribbean to hook the Towers up to solar panels, taking the farm off the grid. They partnered with a local tourism company Get Shopped, to run a community training and organize volunteers to install the Towers. Learn more about our project in Puerto Rico and please visit our Go Fund Me Page to provide on-going support.


Rockaway Waterfront Alliance Youth-Powered Access and Food Justice Project

Green Food Solutions serves as a hydroponic advisor and donates its technical support to the Rockaway Waterfront Alliance. A partnership that began over 2 years ago, RWA Youth often visit farms operated by Green Food Solutions and participate in the GFS Food Justice Utopia workshop. Green Food Solutions will continue to provide technical support to RWA’s students as they continue to develop this exciting project.

Brunswick Ave Garden

Nestled in the heart of Jersey City, the Brunswick Ave Community Garden is a well established and diverse community soil garden. Green Food Solutions was hired to implement their food-scaping and training service. With the goal of teaching the client to grow her own, Green Food Solutions created a gardening plan, and walked the client through the seeding, transplanting, and harvesting process.